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14 августа 2018, 06:34

We Never Knew We Needed Gundam Barbie This Badly Until Now

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You’ve never seen Barbie like this before. Did you know the popular doll was actually an otaku all along? This amazing concept, created by model maker Akira Tange, is called “Gundam Shojo,” and it was created for the Japanese Wonder Festival event celebrating action figures. It didn’t end up being used in the festival, but it’s far too cool not to share, and way too amazing to not become a real product you can buy in the future. That’s just criminal!

Barbie rocks some icy gray hair beneath her Gundam helmet, and is kitted out with form-fitting armor that makes her look half-human, half giant robot. It’s an awesome setup, and she’s painted red, yellow, and blue like that of the RX-78 Gundam. She’s wielding an enormous rifle as well as a shield too, so you know she means serious business. Her mask can be removed as you please as well, and she looks absolutely amazing! This is truly some excellent work.

〈お知らせ〉#タンゲ・アキラ 氏が7月29日のワンフェスでカスタム創作品『ガ〇ダム少女』を展示するそうです。卓番は「6-22-05」(完成品工房アトリエ)。ぜひ、お立ち寄りください。 pic.twitter.com/QeZvj9SEBj

— おおこしたかのぶ (@octopus_catcher) July 8, 2018

Tange also posed Barbie in some immaculate ways that you can check out in the Twitter post, which honestly just makes us want her more. This should be real, dang it!

This is the first time we’ve seen anything like an attempted Barbie and Gundam crossover. Unfortunately, the real Barbie brand doesn’t cover much in the realm of tech, gaming, and anime, except for that super sweet Game Developer Barbie we saw not long ago. But with Gundam’s wild popularity, it’s a bit hard to understand why not.

If you’re a Barbie and Gundam fan (and you can absolutely be both, don’t let anyone tell you can’t!) which Gundam design would you most ideally want to see next? How about Duo Maxwell’s Deathscythe from Gundam Wing? Now that would be pretty sweet. Imagine a Wing Gundam version next, too. The possibilities are endless.

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Source: https://www.geek.com/anime/we-never-knew-we-needed-gundam-barbie-this-badly-until-now-1748746/?source=news